Welcome to my web development learning diary wiki.

Welcome to my learning diary wiki.

This is a wiki for my personal web development learning processes. I am learning web development using Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 Express, SQL 2005 Express and IIS7 on Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bits.

Who am I?

For my background, please see my CV

Why I want to learn web development?

For job hunting. I have done my master degree at Lancaster university. The subject is MSc. E-business and Innovation. I am trying to get a job in the UK for a few years, aiming to gain Britain business culture and level up my English. However, I found that a person who has a background like mine is hard to find a proper job in the UK. Although I am confident with my IT skills, communication skills and problem solving skills, the company will judge me as: "be able to talk about, do not have ability for implementation".
So, I decided to learn web development. My plan is to learn through creating a web based personal finance management system.

why I need create this wiki?

1. Writing down everything I have learned is extremely helpful, it's good for reviewing.
2. This wiki is a communication platform, I may get some friends who are learning or doing web development. We can help each other.

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